Creative Advantage

Design can help improve your business. Let me show you how!

Design is a tool

It can turn complex concepts into comprehensible artwork.

Communicate Visually

To leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Stand out

With a branding strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Tell your story

Add meaning and value to your brand through storytelling.

Don’t miss this opportunity

Design will help improve your business.
Own your creative advantage today!

About me

In middle school I realised that designing nice covers for my reports got me better grades than the rest of my colleagues.

Later in life, I was happy to see I could make a living out of what came to me naturally: design.

I’ve lived in Paris, Nottingham and a little village in Finland called Faguervik, but nowadays I spend my time in Barcelona, having fun with shapes, color and concepts, changing the world one design at a time.

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